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Praise Jesus, blessed people of God. It is with profound gratitude that I share the recent accomplishments in Musikoma, Bungoma, where the largest leadership conference has just concluded. This event, a collaborative effort by Fore Christ Network Africa and various chapters of the School of Salvation, partnered with local churches and ministries across the Western Kenya Region, was a monumental success.

Under the spiritual guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Godfrey Mela and his dedicated team delivered God’s message, impacting many leaders’ lives. Notably, several pastors and ministry leaders, previously entangled in religious oppression and other practices, embraced salvation. Our conference focused on delivering true teachings, contrasting the often-preached Law with the liberating truths of the Gospel.

We kicked off 2024 by welcoming church leaders, pastors, and ministers from all over the western region of Kenya. The turnout was inspiring, and the conference served as a powerful platform for those dedicated to serving Christ’s body. Attendees were taught, strengthened, sharpened, and equipped through the School Of Salvation’s scriptures and revelations, further enriched by Pastor Jonathan Odell Williamson’s insights from the ‘Walking by the Word’ social media platform

The presence of God was palpable, confirming His word with signs following, including the miraculous healing of four leaders from chronic ailments, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah. This conference not only deepened our fellowship but also brought us into closer communion with God, allowing us to hear His voice more clearly.

I am immensely thankful for the support from Fore Christ Inc., and the protection we have experienced as a team. Special gratitude goes to Dr. DeCarol Williamson, Pastor Jonathan, Pastor Ray Tellis, and Brother Minor Cortés, whose contributions have been invaluable.

Our next mission awaits in Bugiri, Uganda, in February 2024. Join us in prayer and support as we continue to spread the Gospel and unite in Christ’s love.

Philip Mukhebi Khaemba

As we reflect on the profound impact of this conference, we are reminded of the power of unity and the transformative potential of true biblical teaching. The testimonies of changed lives and new revelations about God’s word speak volumes about the success of our gathering.