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In an inspiring display of faith and dedication, the School of Salvation has recently concluded a series of evangelical missions across the Mount Elgon region in Kenya. The initiative, which encompassed door-to-door evangelism, public crusades, and indoor discipleship training, culminated in a significant spiritual triumph: 21 individuals committed their lives to Christ.

The evangelical effort was led by Pastor Godfrey Mela and his dedicated team, who tirelessly worked to spread the Gospel and engage with the community on a personal level. Following the successful evangelism campaign, the School of Salvation has established a new discipleship training program right in the homes of the newly devoted, ensuring that the seeds of faith planted during the missions grow into enduring devotion and understanding.

This initiative is part of a broader push by the School of Salvation to reach out to under-served regions, bringing hope and spiritual guidance to every corner of the globe. The commitment shown by the team in Mount Elgon is a profound example of the power and impact of heartfelt evangelical work.

Stay tuned to our news section for more updates on how the School of Salvation continues to change lives and communities through the power of faith.