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Our meeting was a great success with the attendance of 200 church and ministry leaders, high school teachers, college tutors, university lecturers, clinical officers, police commanders, prison wardens, and many others. During our training, we all realized and agreed that it is God’s pleasure for all of us to come to a place of salvation and righteousness. After knowing the word (God’s scriptures), understanding the scriptures, and rightly applying them to our lives, we are assured of life and an abundant life (Eternal Life). When these leaders arrived, many had their own ways, beliefs, and understandings of God’s word. But after going through the SOS teachings and revelations, we all realized that there is only peace, all spiritual blessings, and fulfillment of God’s word in a surrendered life. In Christ Jesus, we are holy and blameless, therefore, fit to serve. God has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, as stated in Ephesians 1:3-14. It was at this point that many leaders realized that the way God uses the words “blessed” or “blessings” in the Bible is very different from how they are used now, especially in our churches.


by Fore Christ INC

God, through His word, helped us understand His timeline, assisting these leaders in understanding the time we live in. The word of God about Israel and many other prophecies are being fulfilled right before our eyes today, so we may not have any excuse. Every word of God in the Bible is true and has never failed. There is no single scripture that has failed to accomplish its purpose. Jesus Christ gave us the opportunity to be welcomed back into the family of God and have our inheritance as sons.

They promised to team up with our brothers, who are our representatives, and do our Father’s business. They are willing to spread the word of God, the teachings, and the revelations in villages, towns, and cities, schools, prisons, and many other places through the media, short messages, and the internet, which is part of God’s plan towards the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14. God, through them, will raise His servants in the places they came from. We gave them the go-ahead to translate the word of God (SOS chapters and revelations) into their vernacular languages, ensuring that the translations do not change the meaning of a revelation.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Matthew 24:14

Evangelism and discipleship will be our daily commitment as Fore Christ leaders in Africa. After this conference, we will be engaged in telling others about Christ in a way that helps them make an informed decision after listening to the teachings.

We are eagerly waiting for Him. When He comes, we shall meet Him in the air, be with Him, and rule and reign with Him for a thousand years. We are excited about the return of the Lord. We are waiting for eternal salvation and redemption and the Glory that will come upon us. We have accepted Him and allowed Him to rule and reign in us by His Spirit. We have followed Him and not ourselves or our own pleasures. We are dedicated to pleasing Him. There is a shaking of all things, but through Him, we have the supernatural hope that guards our hearts, especially at this time. We are living in the days when the world has been shaken and the judgments are going to be released on earth. This will get worse and worse until the return of Jesus to put a stop to everything that is happening. The regeneration will come to earth when He comes; we will meet Him in the air, and we shall rule with Him for a thousand years. Then the Father comes at the end of the millennial reign with the new earth and new heaven (New Jerusalem).

The servants of God who used to share prosperity messages realized that we are not supposed to share prosperity messages, having understood the time that we live in and what we need to do as the church of Christ (Romans 13:11-14). Having known the time that we live in, we need to share the pure word of God, and He will give us more than what we need. Too much prosperity, if it has not come from the Lord, may become our stumbling block. We need to build our foundations on the rock so that when storms come, we will stand firm.

The word of God, like snow, slowly melted in their hearts, as they felt it while the Holy Spirit of God led us and guided us through His word. A sign of the working of God’s Spirit in their hearts was experienced. All of them turned to God in repentance, because they all felt the need to change their old course of thought and action, and inquired anxiously what they must do to be in a right relationship with God and be obedient to His voice. We asked them to repent, and they all fell down on their faces.

Glory be to God.

Your Brother,

Philip Mukhebi Khaemba.