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In an extraordinary effort to spread the Gospel, Pastor Aweno Philip John, together with a dedicated team of leaders, is making significant inroads across the Nyanza region, reaching a vast number of students in high schools and technical training institutes. The Lord’s work through Pastor Philip and his team extends beyond the churches and ministries, directly into the educational sectors of Kisumu, Migori, Siaya, Homabay, Kisii, and Nyamira counties.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to connect deeply with church leaders in these areas. We are excited to announce that starting this November, and continuing annually, a leaders’ conference will be held to further these efforts. This commitment exemplifies the true essence of servitude, mirroring the humility and sacrifice of our founder, who left the splendor of the Father’s side to serve and ultimately sacrifice for humanity.

by Fore Christ, INC

In a recent meeting in Nairobi and at the Training Center, we witnessed Pastor Jonathan exemplify these values, inspiring us all to live out our call as servants of God. This spirit of service is evident in the activities throughout Nyanza, where our leaders tirelessly minister in schools, churches, villages, prisons, hospitals, colleges, and universities, preaching conversion and advancing the School of Salvation’s discipleship programs.

The impact of their work is profound, with countless testimonies of deep truth and transformation emerging from all corners of the region. The message of Jesus Christ, the central figure of our faith, is resonating powerfully, catalyzing change and fostering spiritual growth among God’s people in Nyanza.

Let us uphold these efforts in prayer and support as we continue to equip and send forth workers into the harvest. The work in Nyanza is a shining example of how dedication to God’s calling can bring about significant change and blessings to many.